Reconstruction Software for Documents

The methodology of the reconstruction software is similar to the procedure of manual repositioning of paper fragments. It is also possible without a template and with expectedly incomplete stocks.
The software for digital reconstruction is based on the three main components: feature extraction, search space reduction and matcher.
The software begins by automatically extracting features from the digital copy that are specific to the particular fragment. By means of intelligent search space reduction, subsets are subsequently formed, which contain fragments with the same or similar features. As a result, the combinatorial effort, which is necessary for finding matching fragments, is greatly reduced because illogical combinations can be ruled out in advance. The actual digital reconstruction takes place within the defined subsets.
If the reconstruction software is able to identify fragments as belonging together based on their features they are merged and treated as a new, larger fragments in the further process. If the reconstruction software cannot unambiguously allocate fragments, all partial reconstructions determined up to that point in time will be displayed in an interactive assistance system. The identification of related fragments may be subsequently performed by an expert.

The MusterFabrik Berlin works closely together with the Fraunhofer IPK on the further development of those methods as well as on various customer projects.

Assistance-Based Reconstruction of Glass Mosaics

The MusterFabrik Berlin has developed a touch screen application for the assistance-based digital reconstruction of 2.5D fragments. On the user interface, the user is offered potentially matching fragments, which are presorted by the (reconstruction) software and can be virtually reassembled by the user through gesture-based interaction. A prototypical IT-based system of this kind has already been used for the assistance-based reconstruction of 2.5D glass mosaic fragments of the Buchholz family vault in Bredereiche, Fürstenberg / Havel.

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