Digitalization Unit

The new digitizing unit of the MusterFabrik Berlin makes it possible to simultaneously digitize the front and the back side of fragile fragments without causing any damage to the fragments. The digital copies correspond exactly to the original fragments in color and geometry. In addition, transmitted light images are also created in the same operation. Thus, the digitizing unit enables the pixel-accurate extraction of contour, color, texture and context features in very high quality.

With the digitization unit of the MusterFabrik Berlin, the special requirements for the digitization of fragile original documents can be met. This forms the basis for the subsequent work processes of image processing and pattern recognition.

The handling of the fragments during the digitization process is also completely contact-free. This is particularly relevant for extremely fragile materials where any manual contact would cause further damage to the substance.

Furthermore, the digitizing unit allows for a high throughput rate. Thereby, even large amounts of individual fragments can be processed efficiently.

Details on the Digitization Unit

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